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Breaking Age Barriers: 50-Something's Wild Ride into the Tech Startup Scene

Updated: Feb 22

Hey there, tech-savvy warriors! It's time for a much-needed reality check: we need more new GenX women bosses ruling Silicon Valley or wherever the heck you dream of leaving your mark. Seriously, if you're in your 50s and vibing with tech or even if you're a tech noob, it's time to throw on your entrepreneur hat and hit the ground running.

GenX Women in a meeting

Remember Elizabeth Holmes? Yeah, the infamous biotech entrepreneur who, uh, kind of misled her investors and now resides in prison? Well, her fiasco left a rough spot for our young women entrepreneurs out there. But hold up, this is where we GenX ladies swoop in and bring our A-game.

We've got years of experience, diverse skill sets, adaptability, loyalty, ethics, passion, and let's not forget - we're hard workers. And, yeah, we've got principles and know the secret sauce to ace team collaboration. Plus, who's got the time and patience for bullshit at our age? We're all about getting things done. By getting into the entrepreneurial game, we can throw a lifeline to younger women entrepreneurs trying to regain their footing.

And hey, why wait around for tech companies to finally appreciate us when we can start our own? And that's what I did - launching my own tech startup was a no-brainer. At a recent meet-up with other tech founders, I got some pretty solid advice on the importance of finding the right co-founder. It hit me that as a UX and product designer, I've got an essential role to play in shaping user-focused solutions.

So many talented engineers are on the hunt for complementary skills, and being able to provide some guidance in their search felt empowering. Realizing that I'm not alone in this journey, surrounded by like-minded go-getters, was humbling. I know what I want and what I'm looking for in a co-founder, someone who shares the same passion for the projects I've got in mind.

But hey, I'm not going to limit myself, either. I'm all ears for their project ideas as well - maybe there's a way I can contribute to crafting brilliant user-focused products. We're not reinventing the wheel here, just refining UX.

I'm all for integrating AI, VR, and AR into our work and helping to design and develop the future of UX. We've got so many critical issues to tackle - health, climate change, green energy - and we have the potential to make a real impact.

In your 50s? That doesn't mean you're ready to retire (although, power to you if that's your jam). Many of us are eager to continue contributing to a better world. The internet, our playground, is teeming with tools, connections, and like-minded folks.

So, what are you waiting for? This is our moment to shine, to make our mark, to say, "Age ain't nothing but a number!" Let's do this!


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