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Breaking the Age Barrier: A Response to Tech's Youth Obsession

In the digital age, where innovation is often synonymous with youth, Andy Strong's article, "Navigating the Age Conundrum in the Job Market," published on, strikes a chord with those of us navigating the treacherous waters of ageism in tech. As the Oakstone Divisional Director, Strong articulates the nuanced challenges faced by professionals at both ends of the age spectrum, shedding light on a pervasive yet often overlooked issue: age discrimination.

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As a seasoned IT professional with over two decades of experience, I've witnessed firsthand the subtle and overt ways ageism manifests within the tech industry. Despite a career marked by adaptability, continuous learning, and significant contributions to the field, the preference for younger talent — often justified by misconceptions about cost and energy — has become a barrier to opportunities that match my expertise and potential for impact. This trend is not only disheartening for individuals but also short-sighted, overlooking the rich diversity of thought, experience, and leadership that seasoned professionals bring to the table.

Strong’s insight into the “salary bubble” — where inflated compensation expectations among younger workers have distorted the market — adds another layer to the complex dynamics of ageism. This phenomenon exacerbates the challenge, creating an environment where experience and wisdom are undervalued in favor of cost-saving measures that ultimately compromise innovation and growth.

My outreach is twofold: a gesture of gratitude for bringing this critical issue to the forefront and a sincere inquiry into how Oakstone International might guide someone like me, eager to re-engage with the workforce. My journey is not just about securing a role that acknowledges my worth but also about contributing to a culture that embraces diversity in all its forms, including age.

The path to innovation in tech is multifaceted, requiring a mosaic of perspectives that can only be achieved through a commitment to inclusivity. Oakstone International’s progressive stance on recruitment presents a beacon of hope for many of us sidelined by ageism, advocating for a meritocracy that values skill and experience as fundamental assets to any organization.

Andy Strong’s article has not only validated my experiences but also motivated me to seek new avenues for engagement and contribution within the tech ecosystem. I appeal to Oakstone International and similar forward-thinking entities to consider the untapped potential that professionals like myself offer. As we navigate this transition, your insights, support, and opportunities are invaluable.

In closing, the dialogue initiated by Strong’s article is a crucial step towards dismantling age barriers in tech. I am hopeful for a future where the value of an individual is measured not by the date on their birth certificate but by the depth of their experience and their capacity to innovate and inspire.

Thank you, Andy Strong, and the Oakstone International team, for leading the way. I am eager to contribute to this important conversation and explore pathways to meaningful employment that leverages the full spectrum of my expertise and passion for technology.


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