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Why "boonRecruit" Is About To Drop The Mic On Hiring Bias

Updated: Feb 22

Hey, digital peeps! Ever felt like the hiring game's rigged? Like you've got all the goods but you're not even getting past the front door? Let's talk about this new beast in town – BoonRecruit. It's not just a job app. Nah, it's a straight-up disruptor, about to blow the lid off traditional recruitment.

Woman with her laptop

See, we all know the drill. The current hiring game's got more biases than a reality TV show – age, race, gender, sexuality, you name it. The moment you hit 'submit', you're not just a resume, you're a bunch of labels. And who's got time for that? This is the 21st century, peeps, and we're not here to play that game anymore.

Enter boonRecruit. It's not just using AI, it's going full anonym on the hiring process. No names, no gender, no age, no race, no sexuality - you're not even a name, you're a number. Only your qualifications, skills, and experience are up for review. Now we're talking, right? It's leveling up the field, it's fair, and it's so much more than just an app. It's a game-changer.

Sure, diversity and inclusion are buzzing, but let's face it - the current algorithms are pretty much the bouncers at the club, keeping some peeps out from even getting their foot in the door. But imagine a world where a software engineer is just that – a software engineer. Not a 'young', 'old', 'male', 'female', 'ethnic', 'non-ethnic' software engineer. Just a kickass coder. That's the world boonRecruit wants to build.

And let's talk about our relaunchers, our comeback queens. They've been out of the game for a decade or more for whatever reason - raising kids, caring for parents, heck, maybe even just discovering themselves. But they're back, and they're vulnerable, and the system's just not cutting it for them.

Yeah, there's stuff like Boon - a referral hiring company that's all about unlocking the "passive talent pool". Sounds cool, right? Except how many relaunchers are sitting around in people's networks waiting to be referred? They've been off the grid. They're not passive talent, they're unseen talent.

So that's where boonRecruit steps in. It's the answer to the isms, the solution to the unseen, the key to the locked doors. We're not just building an app, we're building a movement. And we're not stopping until every applicant's seen for their talent, not their label.

AI in recruitment? Been there, done that. But boonRecruit? Now that's a revolution. Get ready, peeps, 'cause we're about to change the game.


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