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Unmasking Ageism in Tech: Time for a Revolution

Updated: Feb 22

Hey tech community, let’s talk. 🎙️ It's no secret that ageism exists, but for many of us who've hit the big 5-0, it's not just an abstract concept. It's our everyday reality. It's seeing your dreams crushed, skill set devalued, and self-worth questioned every time a recruiter or hiring manager casts you aside because of the year on your birth certificate.

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Look, I’m not about that all-day social media life. TBH, it's exhausting trying to keep up with every tweet, post, and share. But I'm choosing to put my voice out there now because, honestly, ageism is killing us. Not just figuratively, but mentally and emotionally. The confidence dips, the self-esteem crashes, the feeling of's all too real.

I’m calling on everyone, especially my Millennial and Gen Z peeps, to be allies. Recognize that just because someone took a career break or is older doesn't mean they lack the skills, drive, or passion. We're talking about individuals with an arsenal of experience and wisdom, ready to bring it.

It’s been hard, no doubt. At times, the barrage of rejection emails made me question my worth. But then I realized, we're in this together. The whispers of ageism aren't just mine; they belong to countless others who feel tossed aside, underrated, overlooked.

But hey, here's the deal: While the journey's been rough, it's also lit a fire in me. A fiery passion to spark change, advocate for others, and, hopefully, start a movement that champions diversity in all its forms, age included.

I’m reaching out, not with bitterness, but with hope and a mission. Let’s band together, challenge the norms, and redefine what it means to be a techie at any age.

So, to anyone out there feeling overlooked or undervalued, remember this: You're not alone. We stand together, ready to rise, advocate, and make some serious noise. 🚀🔊

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