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Navigating the Startup Rollercoaster: My Gen X Leap Back Into Tech

Updated: Feb 22

Hey, digital nomads and code-crunchers! According to the wisdom of, the top startup concepts for 2023 are just begging for your creative juices. App Development, VR, AI, you name it - our game, Boonhive, is poised to crush it!

Startup Books

Did a quick quiz run on Entrepreneurship (because who doesn't love a good quiz?!) and guess what? The universe agrees that I'm on the right track. Results pointed out that partnering up might just be the secret ingredient to my startup success recipe. I mean, I've got a decent share of the entrepreneur checklist ticked off, but no harm in joining forces with someone who brings more to the table, right?

Check out these pearls of wisdom the quiz dropped:

TIME: Got it. A startup is a needy baby, demanding your attention 24/7. I'm down to give it all the love it needs.

MONEY: Investors who get my vision? Yes, please! If I need to pour in some serious moolah, they're my go-to.

SUPPORT SYSTEM: Entrepreneurs gotta have their squad! When the going gets tough, knowing your peeps have your back can make all the difference. I'm not about risking my dependents' wellbeing either, so it's essential they're safe and sound no matter how bumpy the ride gets.

INDUSTRY SUPPORT: Mastering the game is key. Know the field, know the challenges, know the best ways to play it – that's what will set me up for victory.

PERSONALITY: I've got the grit and the hustle – I'm ready to grind. I’m passionate about my idea and that'll win over my team, partners, and customers. Not gonna lose sight of my goals, because, hey, that’s the spirit that sets successful entrepreneurs apart, and your girl is already on that level!

So, the plan? Well, Boonhive's got a name (check!), we're gonna take the lean route with our business plan (check!), and we've settled on the Ltd. business structure (check!). Now, it's all about finding the perfect co-founder, my puzzle piece.

Got a meeting next week with other global startup founders - USA, Singapore, India, UK, and beyond. We're creating this little tribe to share and learn about our ideas, projects, and who we are. I can't wait!

Honestly, after four long years, I finally feel the tech industry's welcoming me back with open arms. It's like reuniting with your first love. So stoked, you guys!


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