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boonRecruit: Shaking Up the System for a Fairer, Cooler Future in Hiring!

Updated: Feb 22

Okay, so we’re living in this super advanced age, tech is booming, yet somehow, our hiring systems are still stuck in the dark ages. 😒 Seriously, it’s like if you’re not some tall, white dude, good luck getting through the door.

Woman with VR goggles on a wheelchair.

What’s the Gist?

Enter boonRecruit! We’re all about breaking down those outdated, unfair norms and shaking up the recruitment game, big time! We’re part of Age: The New Punk, and we’re here to make some noise and bring some real change. 🤘

Why do we Need Change?

So, right now, the whole recruitment process is totally skewed. It’s sidelining tons of awesome, talented people just because they don’t fit some old-school mold. It’s high time we trash these discriminatory vibes and let people shine for who they really are!

What’s boonRecruit all About?

Our goal? Totally revamp the hiring narrative! We’re harnessing the power of AI, AR, and VR to make recruitment a place where it’s all about your skills and what you bring to the table, not your name or what you look like. 🌐 Inspired by the insights from “Corruptible” by Brian Klaas, we’re on a mission to fix our broken systems and make the playing field equal for everyone.

How are we Doing it?

1. Cool & Anonymous Interactions:

  • Avatars in AR/VR: Imagine chatting and interacting through avatars in super cool virtual spaces, where it’s all about your vibe and your skills!

  • Stealthy Profiles: We’re keeping it real but keeping it anonymous, so no more judgments based on looks or names!

2. AI’s Got our Back:

  • Behavior Checks: Our AI is like the ultimate judge, analyzing and evaluating everyone fairly, ensuring the cool peeps get matched up right.

  • Fair Play Recommendations: AI’s helping us pick out the gems based on real merit, not biases!

3. All are Welcome:

  • Mix it Up: We’re bringing in peeps from all walks of life. More diversity = More awesomeness!

  • Equal Shots for All: It’s all about what you can do, not where you’re from or what you look like!

What’s the Impact?

boonRecruit isn’t just tech innovation; it’s a revolution! 🌟 We’re building a world where talent speaks louder than looks, where everyone gets their shot, and where being different is the new cool!

Wrapping it Up:

So, boonRecruit is here to rock the world of recruitment! 🎸 We’re standing up against the old, judgmental norms and creating a place where everyone is celebrated for being uniquely them! It’s not just about changing how we hire; it’s about changing the world, making it more inclusive, more diverse, and way cooler! So, let’s make some noise, break some rules, and create a world that’s truly for everyone!


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