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Age:The New Punk Blog - Raising Awareness, Rejecting Ageism

About Me

Senior UX Designer: A Rebel Against Ageism and All Other 'Isms'

Hey there! I'm Colette 't Hart, a digital maestro who's been killing it in the industry for over 25+ years. I've been the powerhouse behind some of the most memorable digital experiences you've seen, brought visual identities to life from scratch, laid down the groundwork for kick-ass information systems, and helped brands and audiences find their ultimate "relationship goals".  Blah blah blah...


And that's where this blog comes in. "Age: The New Punk" is the voice of fed-up women GenX'ers - it's the outcry of individuals who've been sipping on this toxic brew of biases and are desperate for a palate cleanser. We're here because we're done. We're done with the status quo that keeps good talent from being recognized. 

Colette Hart

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